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Downtown Talent Agency

NYC's premier DJ booking and events company.

DTA is a collective of the strongest DJs in New York City, actively changing the landscape of nightlife and delivering engaging performances on a nightly basis. Our team of professional DJs has a proven track record of keeping dance floors packed all night, actively moving between genres and vibes, and keeping the crowd entertained.

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Mixing the familiar in unfamiliar ways.

CFLO carries a distinctive style and personality that make his show completely unique to the DJ scene. As an open-format DJ, CFLO utilizes various genres to captivate crowds of all ages and interests.Having DJ’d in clubs for more than two decades, and with a resume that includes more than 22 states, CFLO cultivates a vibe at his show and pushes the energy of the dance floor throughout the night.
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Cinch Support

Remote one-on-one support for your Mac​.

Enjoy the technical expertise of an Apple Certified Mac Technician from the comfort of your home. Providing expertise in consumer and professional software, our technicians can view your screen and take control to troubleshoot and provide a working solution to any issue on your Mac.
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